Created on 22 May 2013
Last Updated on Thursday, 14 April 2016 07:35

The Nigeria Internet Registration Association(NiRA) has adopted the Registry/Registrar model of operation in the registration of domain names in the .ng ccTLD.  The implication of this is that NIRA does not handle the registration of domain names directly.  Registrations can only be done through NIRA certified Registrars.

Registrars are establishments certified by NIRA to facilitate the registration, transfer, renewal, and modification of registration data for customers that have, or are applying for, .ng domain names. 

NiRA currently has 53 certified Registrars.  Applications are  received from organsations who want to become NiRA Certified Registrars on a regular basis. NIRA's  policy does not limit the number of certified Registrars.  
An accreditation process is scheduled quarterly. 

NiRA made an initial call to interested companies both resident in Nigeria and in the Diaspora for pioneer registrar in April 2008. 

After a pains taking evaluation process by the Registrar Accreditation committee, the Executive Board approved the appointment of twenty-nine (29) Pioneer Registrars for the .ng Registry, at the various levels (Platinum,Gold, Silver, Standard) in October 2008.

Subsequent accreditation processes took place in July and December 2009.


The List of Accredited Registrars can be found here.