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Our colleagues at the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) put in so much that one can only do the minimum to support their efforts. Looking back, it has been a long walk.

A fellow engineer activist, also retired, just reminded me, in a response post today, of those early days of mid-nineties when the dot-ng ccTLD was a knotty issue. It was a time that “Something Bush” (I've forgotten his name now) was Nigeria's Point of Contact/ Host signatory at ICANN.

The post: "Titi, you, it was who told us in NSE Council why you insisted that COREN, NSE & ACEN must register the .ng domain and we all bought your argument and indeed that institution (COREN) and Associations (NSE and ACEN) became among the firsts if not the firsts to register as such in Nigeria to the best of my knowledge".

Yes, he is right. But please add NCC to the list. I am talking only of INSTITUTIONS, please.  The rest is history.

Indeed! My argument to the Council of NSE then was that the dot-ng domain administration (ccTLD) issue was a national problem and i could not sit around and watch engineers run away from our nation's problems. If Engineers run away from problems, who must stay to solve them? The argument sank and, and, all emerged. That was about 1997 or so.

For purposes of general information: NiRA is Nigeria Internet Registration Association; COREN is Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria. NSE is Nigerian Society of Engineers and ACEN is Association of Consulting Engineering in Nigeria.

I remember names like Ibukun Odusote, Lanre Ajayi, Emma Ekuwem, Isaac Odeyemi (Daddy really), Sunday Folayan, Ndukwe Kalu(of blessed memory) , EVC Iromantu etc.

I am NOW at  Please pay me a visit. There is a lot to share and there is a lot we can do together.

No, not at '' any longer, but at (Please note the .ng extension)

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January 24, 2018.