Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA)

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Acting locally to build Global Innovative Solutions

Sunday FolayanGoogle’s exhibition at the CES2018 Show this week, that unveiled the Google Assistant making phone calls to schedule appointments without the people at the other end realising they are speaking to a machine, is truly innovative. It is indeed proof that machine learning and Artificial Intelligence is coming of age. Man and Machines are finally coming together to form the next-generation Social network.

Various Technologies have helped to accelerate the confluence of Man and Machines. These include, but not limited to Ubuquitous Connectivity, Widespread Adoption of IP based Networks, Miniaturization, Computing Economics, the rise of Cloud Computing and of course, advances in Data Analytics.

Globalization and the Era continues to play a very significant part in the push to offload tasks from man to machines. We are in an era that is Borderless, Etherless and Classless. Indeed, the world does not sleep. From Alaska to Australia, somebody is waking up, and another person is going to bed.

Businesses and Services must break new barriers to remain relevant to the needs and aspirations of human beings. Businesses now speak to consumers’ insatiable needs. What was desirable last year, is out of vogue this year. Businesses are on an endless quest, asking what do people want?  What else will they need? How else can they be helped?

What is clear is that no matter the target society, whether local or global, the focus of a business should be Excellence. Giving Clear and definite direction of its products and services with exceptional Stakeholders' buy-in, quick turnaround and unscripted delivery, leading to conclusiveness in customer satisfaction.

We recognize that most businesses want to play in the global arena, but starting small and starting with a rich heritage is important to the success a business will achieve. NOKIA started in Finland. Indeed, the name means sable. Whereas the company is global, it remains a Finnish company.

It is important for us, how we can continue to make .ng the ccTLD of choice for innovative businesses in Nigeria. What are you doing to build the next great business out of Nigeria? We would like to hear from you.


I remain at your service.


Rev’d Sunday Folayan

President, NIRA Executive Board