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ICANN UPDATE: Implementing ICANN’s Africa Strategy

This is five years since ICANN developed the African Strategy; ICANN's first regional strategy to be developed as a tool for engaging with the continent. ICANN is thankful to the African Internet community for its continuous support of ICANN along with a great spirit of collaboration. In the past five years, the African community's has increased its participation in ICANN.

ICANN has also noted that Africa still needs further effective involvement in ICANN activities. Capacity building in Africa is a long-term initiative requiring dedicated resources, which in turn requires strategic partnerships to be built. Africa must develop a formal engagement strategy with ICANN. It is noted that though governments in Africa have a better understanding of ICANN, they may still expect ICANN to respond to issues beyond its remit such as online content, privacy, new technologies like the Internet of things and artificial intelligence amongst others.