Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA)

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This past month has been very busy at NiRA. From the just concluded Auction of some premium domain names to the preparations for the 2019 Bloggers Summit. The NiRA team continues to create avenues for the promotion of the .ng brand and promotion of the Nigeria online identity. These activities contribute to public campaign of the .ng brand, Nigeria online identity, entrepreneurship programmes, job and wealth creation as well as promotion of local content.

It is always interesting when one hears that NiRA is not doing enough to bring the .ng brand to the front burner. We will continue to carry on with activities that will create and promote the needed awareness and synergy in the industry.

We will continue to play our part in ensuring that our online presence is secure and reliable. We hope that, as key stakeholders in the Internet Industry, all will partner with NiRA in many different ways and increase NiRA’s footprint for the good of Nigeria.

NiRA management team with the District Governor and other officials of Rotary Club Lagos.