Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA)

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states that they are a group of human beings, who are interested in making sure the Internet remains a safe, secure and trusted platform that closes gaps and enables innovation to improve human life. On the Internet Society (ISOC) Nigeria Chapter website,, it is stated that the Internet should be accessible to everyone regardless of their language, location or economic state and ISOC Nigeria encourages all to join them and help their statement a reality.

Mr. Caleb Olumuyiwa Ogundele took over as the President of ISOC Nigeria Chapter on the 11th of November 2020. He leads a team of seven individuals elected to the ISOC Nigeria Chapter Executive Committee. Prior to this date, the outgoing leadership members paired with the incoming counterparts to facilitate a smooth transition. ISOC Nigeria Chapter had used the guidelines from the ISOC Nigeria Chapter bylaws to successfully elect its next set of Chapter leaders in 2020. The election Committee consisted of non-contesting volunteers from ISOC Nigeria Chapter, credible people from the Academia and the industry in the field of IT. The volunteer committee members were led by its chairman, Mr. Akinloye Triumph Okinbaloye. The agreed election procedure and timeline were adhered to strictly.

 The Management and staff of the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) congratulate the executive team of ISOC Nigeria Chapter and wish the leadership of ISOC Nigeria Chapter success in their endeavours.