Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA)

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Happy New Year! We wish all the best in 2021.

Happy New Year! 2021 is here! We are thankful to God for keeping us alive! We have commenced work towards a very fruitful and resourceful year for all, our country and the world. It does appear the shift to online presence of businesses would continue at least into the first quarter of 2021. The signs are obvious due to the second wave of the coronavirus that is ravaging the world. People will continue to improve on their processes to continue remote work and promotion of their businesses online. The world would never be the same again.

NiRA continues with the facilitation of the online presence of Nigerian businesses and with the determination to promote the Nigerian digital economy.

The year started on a good note. With the .ng promo that ran for three months last year (from 24th August to 21st November 2020), there was an increase in the registration of .ng domain names at the second level. With the increase in the number of .ng domain names at the second level and based on the NiRA price charter, an opportunity arose for us to commence the year with the reduction of the price of .ng domain names.

We are always impressed with the creative nature of Nigerians. It is sheer ingenuity when you come across the domain names in use by the creative minds of Nigerians. It is unbelievable. With the .ng domain string, it is even more fascinating to come across the domain names written on some adverts, especially the domain names on some cars on the streets of Lagos State. It is sheer delight.

In the year 2021, we intend to pursue vigorously the plans to ensure that every registered business at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) will automatically acquire a .ng domain name, with a website hosted locally. For the first year of the registered businesses, these services would be given free of charge, by the planned collaboration NiRA has planned with its stakeholders. We expect that in the second year of existence of these businesses, advert materials sponsored on their websites would sustain the online presence of these companies. As is standard for businesses, we expect these businesses to start making profit in its third year and should be able to foot its bills.

We implore all to adhere to the covid-19 guidelines from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) as we continue to monitor the progress in the production of covid-19 vaccines. We continue to praise and commend health workers who are in the frontlines in the fight against covid-19. We pray for the souls of those who died from covid-19 and for God to comfort those who mourn them.

Please keep safe and well.


Muhammed Rudman

President, NiRA