Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA)

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The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) through its Special Purpose Vehicle, NiRA Academy, organized it’s 1st Virtual 2021 .ng Reseller Entrepreneurship Programme (REP) on Thursday, 11th March 2021.

The REP is aimed at developing and training entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in the domain name industry. Participants were encouraged to take the opportunities within the industry to empower themselves and others. Two of the NiRA Accredited Registrars, Garanntor Nigeria and TFhost spoke on their domain names reseller packages.

Participants were encouraged to succeed in the entrepreneurial world by using their imagination and their creative minds, be problem solvers, trusting in their abilities, learning from their experiences and those of others. Participants were informed that being persistent, hard-working and having a good understanding of financial management are attributes of entrepreneurs. They should not be afraid to fail at the first attempt.

Participants were informed that NiRA operates the 3R (Registry/Registrar/Registrant) model in her operations and management of the .ng ccTLD. The reseller role was not part of NiRA’s model but NiRA accepts that Registrars will appoint/provide for Resellers. The domain name Resellers are the foot soldiers of the Registrars, closer to the community and registrants.

The participants were enlightened on the various opportunities in the DNS industry. Aspiring entrepreneurs were encouraged to look out for existing needs in society and make provisions for those needs. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic should not be an obstacle to their planned businesses but be the stepping stones to greater heights. The e-commerce industry and the online businesses were cited as examples of the businesses that further developed and thrived during the first and second waves of the covid-19 lockdowns.

The participants were also instructed on the Domain Name System (DNS), .ng Domain name policies and Naming conversion.

TFhost and Garanntor Nigeria, two of the NiRA Accredited Registrars made presentations on their various reseller packages, domain name registration platforms, hosting services and the available opportunities when signed on as a Reseller with their respective organisations. Participants were encouraged to reach out to other NiRA Accredited Registrars as well to understand their different reseller packages.

The sessions were interactive and the participants were enjoined to actively get involved in promoting the .ng brand, Nigerian Online Identity. Entrepreneurship is the backbone of economic development all over the world and plays an important role in employment, income generation, and societal improvement particularly in transition economies like Nigeria. As entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs, they would contribute to the Nigerian growing digital economy and promote local hosting.

Nigeria is our country, together we can make it great. Let us contribute to making Nigeria great.