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The Africa Internet Summit (AIS) 2021 was a virtual event, which was held from 31st May to 4th June 2021. This was the second exclusively online AIS. The AIS is an educational and business ICT conference in Africa which attracts ICT stakeholders in Africa to share ideas on how to develop a secure digital infrastructure for Africa and expand internet access to Millions of underserved Africans.

It was reported that “the digital transformation provides new avenues for the inclusion of the youth, women and persons with disabilities. The Internet, digital platforms, mobile phones and digital financial services offer “leapfrog” opportunities for all and have the potential to bridge the divide by giving diverse groups that were otherwise left behind the possibility to access knowledge, network with peers and exchange ideas. The only way to bridge the digital gap is to build a community that fosters growth and opens a door to the embracing of diversity while creating an environment that safeguards interactions. For this to work, the African Internet Community needs to work as a team for the goal that lies ahead cannot be achieved on an individual level. We need to seize this opportunity to foster the inclusion of these groups in our community, learn from them and build a more inclusive and diverse community”. 

AIS’21 was organized by the Africa Network Information Centre (AfriNIC) and the African Network Operators Group (AFNOG). The Democratic Republic of Congo Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA-DRC) hosted this year’s Virtual Summit. Annually ICT stakeholders in Nigeria play critical roles at the AIS. Many educational institutions and ICT firms in Nigeria participate at the annual event.

The AfriNIC Annual General Members Meeting (AGMM) and elections, which was the final event of the AIS 2021 held on 4 June 2021. The Elections were held for one Board seat and one Governance Committee seat.

You can read more about the AIS 2021 via the link AIS'21 (