Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA)

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Muhammed Rudman

Since NIRA’s inception, the goal has been to create a .ng brand that every Nigerian can be proud of. Beyond our primary responsibility of managing the .ng country code Top Level Domain Name (ccTLD), we believe we have a responsibility to advance the internet culture in Nigeria and enable Nigerian businesses to take full advantage of the Nigerian digital economy. To achieve this, we constantly innovate new ways to make the .ng domain name work better for Nigerians. Also, we facilitate capacity-building events routinely through the NiRA Academy to educate Nigerians and empower them with relevant skills to thrive in fast-paced, technology-inclined, and opportunity-laden cyberspace. The NiRA Academy, a capacity-building initiative founded and managed by NiRA, has been the special purpose vehicle (SPV) of NiRA that actively promotes the adoption of the .ng brand via conducting sensitization programs to bring the benefits of the .ng brand to individuals and businesses in Nigeria. Through the NiRA Academy, we deliver cutting-edge empowerment initiatives to create jobs and improve the economic outcomes of the country’s teeming and enterprising young people.

As more Nigerians move their businesses online, it impacts the adoption level of the Nigerian Online Identity, the .ng domain brand – a central objective of NiRA and the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA). The just-concluded 2021 Reseller Entrepreneurship Program (REP) exemplifies how the NiRA Academy empowers businesses and individuals with potentially life-changing skills. The Reseller Entrepreneurship Program (REP) aims to create awareness about the opportunities in the domain name industry and build the capacity of Nigerians to make a living for themselves by becoming internet entrepreneurs. Through the NiRA Academy, we partner with industry stakeholders and experts to educate and empower Nigerians to be fully aware of the opportunities they have within the .ng domain brand and how to utilize these opportunities for themselves and the Nigerian economy. The Academy continues to conduct youth and entrepreneurship-focused programs for the benefit of all of us while also organizing sensitization events to help us protect our assets and keep safe online.

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the leadership, staff of the NiRA Academy and the NiRA Academy guest lecturers who invest countless efforts and energy to ensure the NiRA Academy keeps to its mandate of advancing Nigeria’s digital economy. There is still much work to be done at the NiRA Academy as we intend to ensure it is a first-class training institute. The curriculum of the NiRA Academy would be further enhanced, to include recognized DNS certifications for various training programmes.

The activities of the NiRA Academy would be geared towards creating the necessary awareness of the DNS industry and the .ng brand. NiRA continues to promote the adoption of the Nigerian online identity and the value propositions of the .ng domain name and why it is critical for individuals and businesses, especially those with Nigerian-orientation, to adopt it. We remain steadfast in our resolve to make the .ng domain brand, a household brand in Nigeria. 

We thank all for their support in promoting the .ng brand.

Continue to keep safe and healthy.

Muhammed Rudman

President, NiRA.