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The world celebrated the 2021 Safer Internet Day, on Tuesday, 9th February 2021 with the theme “Together for a better Internet”. This was the 18th edition of the Safer Internet Day (SID). There is the need for all to get involved in making the Internet Safer for all, especially our children and young people. In Nigeria, various organisations were engaged in various activities, to preach the need for Safer Internet. From the involvement of various organisations, it is clear that we all have roles to play in ensuring a safer internet for all. All used the opportunity to create awareness on how to behave whilst online.

Safer Internet Day (SID), a landmark event, started in 2004 as an initiative of the EU SafeBorders project. Safer Internet Day is now celebrated by various organisations across 170 countries in the world. On this day, awareness is created about emerging online issues and current concerns.

As the world goes more digital, it becomes more important that people should learn how to be safe online. People need to take more responsibility for their activities online so that they don’t fall victim to cyber attackers. A security breach has a lot of consequences. People must be taught the required skills to keep safe and remain safe online.

The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) joined other organisations to speak about safer internet during the webinar organised by the Internet Society (ISOC) Nigeria Chapter. Each participating organisation discussed their various roles in providing a safer and better digital environment for all, especially for children and the youth. The NiRA representative, Mr. Ikechukwu Ezeji, spoke on the various activities carried out by NiRA to keep the internet safer for all, including the training conducted by NiRA Academy. He spoke on the need for Nigerians to embrace the Nigerian Online Identity, to use the .ng domain names for their websites and email addresses.

In Nigeria, the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) was in the forefront of organisations creating awareness for a safer internet. NITDA released tips on how to stay safe on the Internet.


Even though the first known case of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) was traced to China in November 2019, over a year ago, the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Nigeria was announced in Nigeria, on 27 February 2021, almost a year ago. And since then, life as we had known it in Nigeria had not been the same again. People have tried to live the resemblance of what they knew as their former ways of life whilst embracing what has been termed to be the ‘new normal’.  The ‘new normal’ not only involves embracing technology, it has also included using protective gears to keep safe and alive. It has re-awaken e-commerce and interest in public health. The ‘new normal’ has signified a healthy, safer and better way of life.

COVID-19 had caused the revolutionization in how businesses are conducted. In reality, People have had to adopt and embrace technology. Work, Meetings, Classroom/lectures, worship centre activities, etc. are online, ‘remote work/participation’ is the buzz phrase.

Businesses wishing to succeed/excel are no longer restricted to ‘mortar and brick’ type of business. New businesses starting up first consider being online, how their clients can easily find them online. Businesses no longer look for choice physical locations; they look for choice online presence. New businesses seek and develop their presence on attractive online platforms. Business owners have realized the importance of online presence and have come to appreciate the importance of having domain names for their websites. Also, business owners in Nigeria, realizing their target audience, have come to realize the importance of their country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD), the importance of the Nigeria country code Top Level Domain (the .ng ccTLD).

With the ‘new normal’, when people are in need of information, they search online. They are convinced that whatever they require or search for will definitely be found online. These thoughts motive business owners to situate their businesses online and advertise their businesses online to existing and potential customers/clients. In the ‘new normal’, technology is an enabler. All have come to realize the new reality and have decided to embrace the ‘new reality’. It has become clear to all that covid-19 or the effects/after effects of covid-19, will be around for at least one more year and have decided to adapt to the situation. The world cannot and won’t stop at a standstill because of covid-19, so we must all adapt. We must continue to live safely and technology is available to facilitate our existence.

Some of the safest methods of adapting to the situation is social distance, wear/make use of the personal protective equipment (PPE), use the hand sanitizers, continue remote work, etc. Visit the website of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control NCDC Coronavirus COVID-19 Microsite. And in all these, the use of technology is very apparent. Get your .ng domain name for your website. Visit to select an Accredited Register of the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) for the registration of your .ng domain name.


The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced that the ICANN Board of Directors decided to convene ICANN70 as a Virtual Public Meeting due to the continuing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This meeting was initially planned to hold in Cancún, Mexico. In consultation with community leaders, the ICANN70 Virtual Community Forum dates have been modified and the meeting will hold from the 22nd to 25th  March 2021.

The health and safety of the ICANN community is top priority and as such ICANN70 can not hold as an in-person meeting. As all are aware, a number of challenges to in-person meetings remain, including uncertainties around the ability and willingness of participants to travel, whether physical distancing requirements are possible to implement, the impact of a potential case among participants, and the progress of the second wave of the virus across the world. Whilst all appreciate the comradeship of face-to-face interaction, the safety of participants is important.

ICANN70 will be the fourth ICANN Virtual Public Meeting since the pandemic began.

Those interested in attending ICANN70 must register to participate. To learn more about the meeting time zone, language interpretation options, and schedule, visit


Happy New Year! We wish all the best in 2021.

Happy New Year! 2021 is here! We are thankful to God for keeping us alive! We have commenced work towards a very fruitful and resourceful year for all, our country and the world. It does appear the shift to online presence of businesses would continue at least into the first quarter of 2021. The signs are obvious due to the second wave of the coronavirus that is ravaging the world. People will continue to improve on their processes to continue remote work and promotion of their businesses online. The world would never be the same again.

NiRA continues with the facilitation of the online presence of Nigerian businesses and with the determination to promote the Nigerian digital economy.

The year started on a good note. With the .ng promo that ran for three months last year (from 24th August to 21st November 2020), there was an increase in the registration of .ng domain names at the second level. With the increase in the number of .ng domain names at the second level and based on the NiRA price charter, an opportunity arose for us to commence the year with the reduction of the price of .ng domain names.

We are always impressed with the creative nature of Nigerians. It is sheer ingenuity when you come across the domain names in use by the creative minds of Nigerians. It is unbelievable. With the .ng domain string, it is even more fascinating to come across the domain names written on some adverts, especially the domain names on some cars on the streets of Lagos State. It is sheer delight.

In the year 2021, we intend to pursue vigorously the plans to ensure that every registered business at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) will automatically acquire a .ng domain name, with a website hosted locally. For the first year of the registered businesses, these services would be given free of charge, by the planned collaboration NiRA has planned with its stakeholders. We expect that in the second year of existence of these businesses, advert materials sponsored on their websites would sustain the online presence of these companies. As is standard for businesses, we expect these businesses to start making profit in its third year and should be able to foot its bills.

We implore all to adhere to the covid-19 guidelines from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) as we continue to monitor the progress in the production of covid-19 vaccines. We continue to praise and commend health workers who are in the frontlines in the fight against covid-19. We pray for the souls of those who died from covid-19 and for God to comfort those who mourn them.

Please keep safe and well.


Muhammed Rudman

President, NiRA