Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA)

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How do I get a .ng

It is not difficult to register a .ng domain name. You have to find out if the name you want is available, choose a NiRA Accredited Registrar that will register the name for you, and confirm the registration details.

How do I register a new .ng domain name?

To register a new .ng domain name, you must contact a NiRA Accredited Registrar.

  1. Select a NiRA Accredited Registrar from the list of accredited Registrars
  2. Choose a domain name and check whether it is available, using the WHOIS search tool ""
  3. Specify your options and register the .ng domain name with the Registrar.
How can I find a Registrar?

You can find a Registrar in the list of Accredited Registrar on our website.

Can I Register a .ng domain name directly with NiRA and avoid dealing with Registrars?

No. Registrants must go through NiRA Accredited Registrars to register a .ng domain name.

What is the fee for registering a new .ng domain name?

The fee for a new .ng domain name registration vary. The fee is paid to the Registrar, not to NiRA, and Registrar set their own fees for services they provide to Registrants.

How can I switch my domain name to .ng?

To switch a domain name , you must choose a registrar from the list of Accredited Registrars. The registrar you choose will initiate the switching process.

How are domain name requests approved?

Domain name requests are approved through NiRA’s system on first-come, first served bases.